Donkey Milk Beauty Products

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Product Details: Revitalize the appearance of skin’s natural brightness and radiance with the power of precious Indian botanicals. Dark spots and uneven colouring can give skin an aged look beyond its years. THE SKIN CREAM helps prevent discoloration before it begins. As existing spots fade, skin takes on a new brightness. Dolphin IBA’s knowledge delivers the potent Indian botanical ingredients effectively into the skin to help obtain optimum anti-aging benefits. This intensive anti-aging cream helps to achieve the state of optimum smoothness, radiance and tone associated with youthful looking skin. Our firmness technology promotes an even skin tone for improved clarity overtime. Carnocic acid in rosemary helps to improve the appearance, enhancing the skin for youthful glow. THE SKIN CREAM offers the ultimate antioxidants for your skin with each bottle of containing 250 ml donkey milk, milked from Dolphin IBA’s donkey farm.

Dolphin IBA’s exclusive technology neutralizes oils from botanicals for all of the nutrient rich benefits in a silky smooth texture.